Red Barn Healthcare is now representing a revolutionary new handheld UV sterilization system from UV Innovators, the NuvaWave™ UVC Handheld Device.

The NuvaWave™ UVC Handheld Device has been under development for the past three years by a team that holds over 200 US patents in medical devices and light-based technologies. Their original aim was to combat the increasing occurrence of secondary infections in the healthcare system at a fraction of the cost of existing technology.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic they have pushed up production schedules as they realize there is an immediate need across all industries.

This tool provides a 99.9%+ pathogen kill rate in seconds.  Red Barn has heard from COVID Response teams across all types of organizations that this will be an important tool for providing a safe workspace.  Employees, patients, students, athletes and transport passengers are expecting a freshly sterilized space in order for the economy to reopen.

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