Aura Air Purification System


A turnkey solution for indoor business or home air filtration and purification.



The Aura Air system is an all-in-one air filtration and quality monitoring system engineered for indoor use. It detects, purifies and circulates the air of a room or office. Designed for mounting to the wall or ceiling, the Aura Air uses a combination of  patented filtration systems, ultraviolet light, and ionization to sterilize and freshen the surrounding air. The Aura Air system connects to the Aura app via WIFI to provide personalized air quality insights and recommendations based on the system’s placement and performance.


Air Exchanges Per Hour: 2.5

Voltage: 110-240 V

Format: Wall or ceiling

Wireless Communication: WiFi


15 inch/ 15 inch / 6 inch

37.5 cm/ 37.5 cm / 15 cm

Weight: 12.1 Ibs / 5.5 Kg

Max Noise level: 64 dB

Recommended Room Size Per Device: 600 ft2 / 55 m2

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 15 × 37.5 cm


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