Aura Air Mini


Enjoy the benefits of purified and clean air on the go.



The stunning and portable air purifier.  Grab your Aura Air Mini and let it purify the air around you with its unique Sterionizer™️ Technology – anywhere.


The Sterionizer™️

A component-based on the technology of bipolar ionization. The Sterionizer generates positive and negative ions – just like those found in nature – that purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating the harmful pollutants mentioned above. In neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and parasites by destroying the proteins on the cell membrane.

Proven to be 99.9% effective in destroying the Coronavirus by one of the top ten hospitals in the world.


Size : 4.5 X 3 X 3 Inch

Weight: 350 g \ 0.7 lb

Recommended Room Size: 107 sq.ft

Additional information

Weight .31 kg
Dimensions 7.6 × 11.4 × 7.6 cm


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